The Golden Eagle is the first unmanned helicopter with precise strike capabilities, from the air, enabling both military and security forces to meet the challenges of modern battlefield and in complex environments.

Based on the combat-proven Black Eagle 50E platform, Golden Eagle is powered by two advanced technologies, enabling tactical forces complete terrain dominance – Smart Shooter’s SMASH Dragon robotic weaponry payload to ensure precise target elimination, and an AI-based technology for superior situational awareness and autonomous multi-target classification & tracking. The complete suite can incorporate various types of assault rifles, sniper rifles, 40mm, and other ammunition with great precision.

Lightweight, extremely cost-effective, simple to operate, and easy to maintain, the Golden Eagle, has long-endurance, vertical take-off, and landing capability, providing the force to complete the mission with minimum contact with hostile forces.

Technical Specification

Total length3100 mm
Main rotor diameter2800 mm
Maximum T/O weight50 Kg
Payload capacity7 Kg
Endurance1.20 Hr
Endurance (Hover)1 Hr
Data link rangeup to 150km
Max air speed70 knots (126 Km/h)
Cruising speed45 knots (85 Km/h)
Operating temperature-20 to +50 c
Wind (takeoff and landing)25 knots (45 Km/h)
Service ceiling18,000 ft
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