Conversion Kit

Steadicopter offers a conversion kit suitable for big helicopters. This kit may convert a manned helicopter to an unmanned helicopter. An extra gas tank or a heavier payload can be added instead of the weight of a pilot and the pilot instruments.

The company has a unique technology stabilizing and controlling an unmanned rotorcraft, which can be implemented in any helicopter of any size. Payloads can be stabilized for a perfect photo.

Steadicopter has the know how to perform flight tests and acceptance tests for any rotorcraft that was converted to be unmanned. Steadicopter is ISO-9001/2008 certified for development, manufacturing, marketing and sales.

Leading the field of manned to unmanned conversion

Comprised of highly experienced and qualified team of engineers including mechanical, electronics, software and hardware engineers. Skilled for the complete end-to-end process in house, providing the client a stress free process from decision to delivery and ongoing support.

End to End Process

Making sure optimal ROI is assured for the complete duration of the project.

Top Engineering Team

Team comprised of highly skilled in-house engineers experienced in manned-to-unmanned projects

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