Eurosatory 2022: Golden Eagle soars in Paris

Israeli UAS company Steadicopter is displaying two systems at Eurosatory 2022: the Golden Eagle and Black Eagle 50H.

Rotary-wing UAS manufacturer Steadicopter showcased its recently launched Golden Eagle system on the first day of the Eurosatory 2022 defence exhibition in Paris.

The helicopter UAS — not to be confused with the quadcopter of the same name from Teal Drones — is based on the Black Eagle 50E platform from Steadicopter and incorporates the Smash Dragon system from Smart Shooter to give it a precise hit capability.

Golden Eagle employs AI for autonomous identification and classification of targets, including people and vehicles while in motion or stationary.

The Smash Dragon system allows for integrating a range of weapons onto the Golden Eagle, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, 40mm and other munitions.

According to Steadicopter, the Golden Eagle offers long endurance in a simple-to-operate package, featuring vertical take-off and landing capabilities.

At Eurosatory the company also exhibited its Black Eagle 50H system, which it will supply later in 2022 to a naval customer for maritime operations.

The Black Eagle 50H has a maximum take-off weight of 50kg and can carry a range of payloads offering endurance of up to 5h of flight time.

The Black Eagle 50H uses a hybrid engine, and a fully electric Black Eagle 50E is also available.

The hybrid solution lets operators switch between generator or battery power for tactical effect.