Black Eagle 50

Black Eagle ROTARY UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLES (RUAV) is a robotic observation system for Civil, Military, and Homeland security missions. The objective of the Black Eagle is to provide Maritime and Land solutions for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR). These features are provided using an air vehicle with the ability to vertically take-off and land, with hovering capability, together with a day & night sensor. 
The Black Eagle 50 system has been authorized for commercial use in civilian airspace by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI).
Steadicopter provides easily & immediately deployable mobile observation systems. Each system includes a ground control system (GCS), a flight control computer, a mission computer, an integrated communication system, and payload sub-systems.

The flight control computer is developed by Steadicopter and stands to the ADS33 standard. At Steadicopter we design, build the crafts and develop the systems. 

Arriving at any desired location, the two man team carries/wheels the aircraft to a takeoff position. They start the rotorcraft and the ground control system, the data link can be established, and the system is ready for lift off. A simple point and click on a GIS map will send the A/C to the target. Live video is sent in real-time to the Ground Control System for observation.

A user-friendly graphical interface helps the operating crew in getting the best angle for the requested images without delay. The great advantages of a Rotary UAV give us the ability to pause, stop and hover at any point of the flight.

Steadicopter’s rotor crafts are fully autonomous (Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), hovering the flight computer controls all flight aspects. The mission computer controls all payloads. Contact us for more information.

Unique Features


Technical Specification



Total length

2540 mm

Main rotor diameter

2160 mm

Maximum T/O weight

35 Kg

Payload capacity

5 Kg

Endurance (Hover)

4 Hr (3 Hr)

Data link range

up to 150km

Max air speed

70 knots (126 Km/h)

Cruising speed

45 knots (81 Km/h)

Operating temperature

-10 to +45 c

Wind (takeoff and landing)

25 knots (45 Km/h)

Service ceiling

10,000 ft

Additional Operation Features

The communication system, also referred to as “data link”, connects the aircraft with the ground controller as it passes the live video & data between the two through the air. Some communication systems are digital and some are analog. Some communication systems are simple and some are complexed and used in battle zones, such as in Afganistan.

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The GCS is responsible for mission planning, mission control, mission debriefing, and maintenance activities of the Black Eagle System in accordance with military requirements. 
In the GCS application the operator may create, plan, control and change flight missions in real time by using a GIS 2D/3D map and a simple point & click interface. Old missions can be debriefed at the same time.  Every leg of the flight may be defined by the operator. 

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Steadicopter can integrate many payloads into the Black Eagle UAS to fit a costumer’s needs.

The STAMP family payloads are a miniature, lightweight, electro-optical, stabilized, airborne sensors which is designed to be carried by a mini UAS, for tactical “Over-the-Hill” reconnaissance.

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Customer satisfaction is number one priority at Steadicopter.  We offer services for companies in different fields. Steadicopter sells systems and customizes systems to a specific need or application.

Steadicopter offers parts, training and technical support. Experts will see to it that all flies well. Steadicopter can either fly the RUAV for you or provide field training on the system and its operation.

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