Apollo Micro Systems Joins Steadicopter To Market Black Eagle 50 In India

Apollo Micro Systems Limited (AMS) has entered into an Agreement (”the Agreement”) with Steadicopter Limited (Steadicopter) a company incorporated under the laws of Israel. Under this agreement, both companies shall market and promote Black Eagle 50 Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (RUAV) in India or  any other territory as may be agreed by the Parties. The agreement […]

Record Interest in Unmanned Systems Exhibition

The impressing cutting-edge unmanned vehicles, the latest models in this field, that are showcased at the AUS&R 2017 exhibition attract a lot of attention by the visitors and participants from the defense industries, IDF, experts and many media representatives from Israel and abroad. […] Steadicopter’s Black Eagle 50 rotary unmanned aerial vehicle (RUAV) showcased here […]

Steadicopter to expand rotary UAS portfolio

Source: Flightglobal.com Israeli company Steadicopter is developing a kit that will enable it to convert a single-pilot light helicopter to be flown autonomously. Dubbed Black Eagle 300, the platform will be offered for military and civil applications. Meanwhile, Steadicopter’s current unmanned rotorcraft, the Black Eagle 50, has received certification from Israel’s civil aviation authority to […]

Civil Aviation Authority of Israel Issues Two Civilian UAS Licences

Source: UASVision.com The Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAA) has granted an operating license to two companies, Steadicopter and Bladeworks, that operate UAS. The licenses are the first ones given to this innovative aviation field, and enable use of UA systems for civilian purposes, such as aerial photography, agricultural research, security of civilian infrastructures, mapping […]

Steadicopter Receives Civil Aviation Permit

Source: I-HLS Israel Homeland Security link to source The Israeli Civilian Aviation Authority (RTA) gave aviation permits to two UAV operators. The permits are the first of their kind given in this new field, allowing the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in a variety of fields. Among the possible uses: Aerial photography, agricultural research, civilian infrastructure […]

Unmanned MiniChopper Is Steady On For Its Debut

Source: SatNews.com link to source An Israeli firm will unveil an unmanned helicopter next week that can carry out advanced surveillance and intelligence missions. Developed by Steadicopter, the Black Eagle 50 mini rotary UAV is just over two meters long and can carry a minimal payload of 3 kg. The unmanned helicopter can remain in the […]